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Do you want 3 simple tasks to help RUN your business smoothly?

It is imperative to keep your finger on the pulse when and there are many ways tin which to do so to help run your business.

Here are just three simple and effective ways of monitoring your business on a day to day basis.

Check your business bank account daily

I cannot stress to businesses enough about checking their bank accounts daily.  I have been known to check my business account twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening.

It is important to know how much cash flow you have, what payments have/have not been withdrawn and payments that have come in.  It is too easy to be misled by how much cash you may have if you are not monitoring what is coming in and out of your account daily.

Scan or save you receipts

We all know that we need to keep all business receipts for at least 5 years.  Not only is it a good idea to maintain an eligible filing system, it is also important that YOU understand and know where you can find your documents at any given time.

It has become more popular these days to keep a scanned copy of receipts in a dropbox/online storage system however, you are still required to keep the original document.

If filing is not your forte, the very least you can do is make sure you save your documents and receipts in one spot where they can be located or opt to hire someone to create a filing system for you that is easy to understand and maintain.

Review and budget

Reviewing your business on a daily/weekly/monthly/annually basis is the key to running a business smoothly. I am not talking about a full review on a daily basis but a mental scan of how your business is running or where improvements are needed.

Maintaining a budget is another way of reviewing your business success and goes hand in hand with checking your business bank account daily.  Knowing what cash flow you actually have and what cash is coming in is imperative in creating a budget for your business.  You will be able to schedule payments without breaking the bank balance, know when you are able to spend a little more or equally, when to pull in the reins and stop spending.

There are many options for running and maintaining a successful business.  For more tips or help with implementing some systems in your business, contact us now.

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To Budget or not to Budget?

A budget can be the difference between the life and death of a business. Imagine waking up and realising one day that there is little to no money in your bank account, you are struggling to get your debtors to pay, there is a pile of bills stacking up and people screaming down your neck for money. Your business is dangerously close to being over, you may as well go down with it!

What if you saw the warning signs earlier? What if you were able to maintain a budget, track all your debtor’s payments and know exactly when your creditors need to be paid and how much to pay out AT ALL TIMES. Keeping a close eye on cash flow, saving for the dreaded “GST” and building up a bank account balance so that you need worry less on a month by month basis.

What if I told you I can do that for you?

Being a Bookkeeper/BAS Agent does not mean that I am only available to do data entry and filing. For me being a book keeper is working with my clients to give them every advantage to keep their business moving forward and growing. This can sometimes mean creating and implementing business budgets with my clients to suit their business & personal needs.

I have a long term client I worked with on a part time basis as their administrator many years ago. When I became a full time book keeper we hired a new administrator and I became there quarterly BAS agent.

In the last year, business has taken a downturn and they realised they were in quite a financial hole. A hole that was going to drag their business and all their personal assets down with it.

My client called me to work on their business weekly and I implemented and monitored an immediate weekly budget for them, looking at areas in which they were over spending.

The monthly overheads for the business were extravagant due to personal obligations and loans however, the client was willing to discuss their financial situation with me, together we made a plan to cut down and monitor certain business and personal spending areas. I was able to set up a savings account for GST and staff bonus/savings accounts which I started putting only $50.00 a week in each at the time. Over a 12 month period we have now increased this amount to $5000 a week and to date we still have not touched the money in the savings account.

The client is now back on top of paying all the bills, meeting tax obligations, and even paid out numerous loans. Staff members even received their substantial bonuses for the year. It really opened their eyes to see how their business was running and how it needed to perform in the future including areas for improvement.

My client was able to put their trust in my knowledge of the day to day ins and outs of their business. It just shows how easily businesses can slip when every day transactions are not being monitored and budgeted for.
That’s just one example of how I can help clients to concentrate on important areas of their business which then enables them to focus on the work that they are good at.

I can help you.  

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Tips for new business startups

Do you need some tips on starting a new business in Perth WA?

I thought I would share a a few basic tips for new business startups in Perth WA. This is a small rundown as there are many other aspects to starting up a business. With these few of these starting points in mind you will be able to kick off on he right direction.

Feel free to contact me for a free consult on how to get your started. [email protected]

3 business tips to start the New Year

3 business tips to make your business grow



3 business tips to start the New Year


We all know that the start of a New Year is the beginning of new resolutions for the self, but what about your business?


In these early coming weeks as we slowly make our way back to work after an indulgent break of Christmas fun, now is the time to think about your business performance over the last year.  What can you make improvements on and implement now. Here are TIA.Bookkeeping’s 3 business tips.


  1. Give your website and social media platforms a face lift


Like your new year’s resolutions to better yourself, why not better the face of your business, your website. Now is a great time to review the content of your website and social media platforms and ensure the information you are projecting to your clients is relevant.


If you are like me, then this is a great time to rebrand or freshen your image.  The online search for businesses is usually a potential client’s first point of call so make the best impression.


  1. Review your pricing


There is never an easy time to raise your rates however, now is as good a time as any to consider if you are under charging your clients.  A good review of your business’ profits over the last year and setting realistic budgets for the current year will determine if a rate rise will improve the profitability of your business for 2015.


  1. Is your book work in order?


There is nothing worse than being unorganised and if this is you then starting the year in disarray will already set you off on the back burner.  With the next BAS reporting cycle due in the coming weeks getting your books in order is imperative.  This will also allow you to monitor your present cash flow and the running efficiency of your business.


Running your own business and doing the job that you are great at, can sometimes mean your accounts are put to the side.  Being a highly important part of the daily running of your business, if you are unable to complete your accounts yourself and your budget permits, hiring a professional bookkeeper may save you money in the long run.


Call TIA.Bookkeeping for a free 1 hour consult to put office systems in place now before it’s too late.


Mobile Bookkeeping 1940’s


I love this old article I found on the ModernMechanix blog.  C.M. Harris’s 300 regular clients back in the 1940’s loved the convenience of his door to door Accounting and Mobile Bookkeeping services.


Lucky for Mobile Bookkeepers in the 20th century that we DON’T have to carry around clunky old typewriters and other office equipment. Mobile Bookkeeping today is stress free with everything being online and readily available at the click of a button.


Mobile Bookkeeping


Bookkeeping on wheels is the odd and profitable business that makes a good living for C. M. Harris, of Los Angeles, Calif. Harris owns a fleet of light trucks, each manned by an expert accountant and outfitted as a rolling office with a typewriter, calculator, bookkeeping machine, and other necessary office equipment. Whenever a small business concern asks for the services of an accountant or bookkeeper, Harris orders a mobile office out on the road in answer to the call. According to reports, the unique enterprise is booming, with 300 regular clients for the service.




The End is Near – EOY Checklist


Everything comes to an end at some point and given the chance wouldn’t you want to go out with a bang?


We are fast approaching the End of Financial Year and most businesses scramble at the end of June to tidy up accounts and chase up missing information required for Payment summaries and EOY rollovers – Don’t let this be you! It feels great to start the new year on the right foot.


SOME key points to check before the end of June are;
– All your bank accounts are reconciled correctly/clear any old transactions
– The Electronic Clearing account and Undeposited funds accounts should be balanced to zero
– Clear Suspense, Payroll clearing and POS Clearing accounts
– Have all employee’s personal details entered correctly prior to preparing payment summaries.


If your EOY checklist is bigger than Ben Hur then some clarification may be what you need. Calling in a professional to check over your accounts is a smart way to make sure all data is balanced and correct.
Don’t let the end of financial year be the end of you!



Is your office, quieter than usual?


Has your wife/partner been missing for over a week now?


Have you checked under the pile of paperwork that has been silently building up on her desk?


Is she buried alive somewhere under there?

One comment I’ve heard on many occasions is that, in starting a new business the wife/partner feels obligated to do the books. It is human instinct to want to help in a new venture and some wrongly assume that it will cut costs.


This can be so overwhelming, not only putting added stress on your business but elevating tensions on your relationship at home as well. Friend or family assistance, although sometimes required and always appreciated, is not the shrewdest decision you could make.


By hiring a Professional, you can give yourself time to focus on productivity for your business and maintain your relationships in the home. You can relax knowing that all your accounts are up to date, easily accessible and presentable at all times. All Tax obligations will be lodged in due time so that future penalties will be avoided. Regular reporting on cash flow, expenses and capitol can be organised to suit your personal needs and assist in your company’s growth.


Whether your business is in Sales, Manufacture, Import or Export we are confident that TIA.Bookkeeping can assist your business de-clutter the paperwork in your office/home and give you back peace of mind to focus your attention where it matters most.


As a Small business, YOU are the company and the state of your books will reflect either calm or chaos for yourself, your staff and most importantly – YOUR PARTNER.


Call TIA.Bookkeeping today for a free consultation to discuss how we can assist your business and home life to a more Profitable and Relaxed Future. TIA.Bookkeeping are able to work both on or off-site, which can save you valuable floor space and give you back your HOME.


Healthy Donations, Sick Return


In 2014, it is becoming more difficult to do business in the community and not become a part of business sponsored donations. Corporate philanthropy helps businesses increase their profile and good will within the community. But are there any benefits that may apply?


We all make donations on a personal level, it just feels good! As a business, it is good business to give something back to society, the community or the world.


Thinking outside the box, a good donation can be used as a valuable advertising tool!


A small healthy donation in the right location can bring masses of loyal, lasting custom. It offers positive exposure, sets a good image for you in the community and it helps you build a solid reputation for your business.


You could take this one step further and offer promotional discounts or incentives to your clients, to those you sponsor, or to anyone who mentions your contributions….  Be creative in your thinking and ensure that both you and your benefactor are taken care of. Involve your staff members prior to making any firm decisions on who you may donate to, or sponsor. Give your employees the opportunity to recommend charitable causes – Remember, “Charity begins at home” and then spreads to the wider community and beyond.


Contributing to a healthy cause becomes a win, win, win situation.


Now that’s exciting! As a profitable business, it is important to capitalize on all investments.  This includes donations and sponsorship’s.  Any area you are investing your money, it is imperative that you see some return. Business is business!


Remember, it is important to keep track of all records of any contributions that you or your business makes to a qualified charitable organization.  You may be entitled to charitable contribution deductions against your income or business tax. If the gifts are tax deductible, then the actual cost of the donation is then reduced by your tax savings.   You cannot ask for a better incentive to donate.


All in all, a Healthy Donation can mean a Healthy Return.


If you need any help with corporate or small business donations, visit my website and contact me for a free consult to see how I can best help you.


TIA Bookkeeping….. that’s a healthy peace of mind for any business.